Sisters One, Two, Three by Nancy Star ~ Fiction #BookReview

36686338I almost put this book down 10 pages in. I didn’t like the style of writing. It was just a touch too much telling versus showing, which gave the writing a slightly juvenile quality. It wasn’t bad, but that’s one of my triggers. If the characters hadn’t been in the area I live (if only briefly), had I not wanted to see what places and perhaps people I might recognize, this review wouldn’t be happening.

But I did read on. And found many insanely annoying (to me) clumps of writing across the pages that made my eyes roll and my teeth bare in a growl trying to scare off what I didn’t like. What I also found was a plot twist that completely took me by surprise.

So, this book is not without it’s merits. The writing isn’t bad, it’s just not what I prefer to read. The characters are well developed, the pacing was good, and I was blindsided at least once. Not bad for an Amazon free Prime book of the month. 3.75 stars.



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