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Adventures in Pumpkin Carving!

  Halloween is my favorite holiday. I can’t help but love it. It’s a time for candy, dressing-up, and letting your inner child out for some fun. For me, Halloween just wouldn’t be complete without carving a pumpkin. Pumpkin carving … Continue reading

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Yeti and Nessie and Monsters, Oh My!

I went to Maine a while ago, and stumbled upon a neat little place I’d like to share – The International Museum of Cryptozoology. Cryptozoology is considered a pseudoscience by many, and involves the search for animals whose existence has yet … Continue reading

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The Forgotten – Mount Tecumseh

We had the mountain entirely to ourselves. While we passed cars at other trail heads, our lot was empty. The White Mountain National Forest didn’t even bother to mark the trail head with a sign. As the smallest of New … Continue reading

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In the Jaws of the Museum

It’s been bothering me all week that I wrote about the Boston Museum of Science, but not about one of my all time favorites – the Florida Museum of Natural History. If you’re ever in the Gainesville area of Florida, … Continue reading

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A Gator on the Mountain

Socked in at the summit of Mount Moosilauke, 4,802 feet. I know you were expecting something much more interesting. Sorry, I just couldn’t resist the title. #ProudAlumni Go Gators!!!

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Off to the museum…the Dead Sea Scrolls @ The Boston Museum of Science

I’m a huge proponent of seizing rare opportunities, so when I heard the Dead Sea Scrolls were on display at the Boston Museum of Science I made plans to go. I’m not motivated by any political or religious motives.  I … Continue reading

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Surviving Mount Moosilauke

We chose Mount Moosilauke for our next hike because it promised a spectacular view and a challenging climb. Number 10 on New Hampshire’s 4000 footers list, the peak reaches its zenith at 4802 feet. There are four main trails and … Continue reading

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