Growing Pains


Do you remember the ache of growing pains? The agony of being seemingly stretched in every direction? The many sleepless nights suffering as your body fought to do what must be done? What do you do when it doesn’t stop?


Sure, the physical pain of growing may cease, but the mental pain of growing seems to never end. I still feel the agony of being stretched in every direction. I still suffer sleepless nights as my mind fights to do what must be done. The shoulds and shouldn’ts, the what ifs and the what if nevers? I have a feeling that it will never stop. And maybe it shouldn’t. Because if you stop growing as a person, then what’s left?



About Shannon

Always looking for another adventure and new ways to have fun.
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2 Responses to Growing Pains

  1. We should ‘go with the flow’ and find a way to channel that pain and frustration… By writing! What? A blog 😉


  2. richardmax22 says:

    Truer words were never spoken. Thank you for the insight.


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